Diary of a Restless Rebel – 5th February 2019

I started watching a TV program on Netflix yesterday about a woman who wakes to re-live her 36th birthday over and over again after she dies an untimely death.  A “glitch” in time is giving her another chance to make her life right and it had me thinking about my own life.

This morning I woke up to my own birthday and I identify metaphorically to the concept that every year we’re given another chance by the universe to set our lives right, with a restart or beginning of a new cycle.  It all sounds about right? We’re on a journey thinking we’ve completed it only to begin another.  But in reality we have never really finished the first.  A friend pointed this out to me the other week as we caught up about all that was so-called “new” in our lives. “Flo, you’re still on the same fucking journey you were on 3 years ago when we were living in London.”  Well he was right, turns out my journey is still the same, but my environment has changed, adding new challenges and insights. Continue reading

Because Sharing is Caring

Hello readers, it’s Flo. Welcome to my first blog post.

In the past, I’m reluctant to admit, I’ve regarded blogging as an overrated passing fad reserved for those who are “too cool to take up a real hobby” and thought “who the fuck cares” about your opinions.  I know, how terrible of me to think it and now, say it out loud! However, I do apologise and take it back as I do understand the benefits of publishing your thoughts out into the online world.  Also, look who’s “too cool to have a real” hobby, and has a lot to say about all sorts of shit. Yours truly  :).

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