Because Sharing is Caring

Hello readers, it’s Flo. Welcome to my first blog post.

In the past, I’m reluctant to admit, I’ve regarded blogging as an overrated passing fad reserved for those who are “too cool to take up a real hobby” and thought “who the fuck cares” about your opinions.  I know, how terrible of me to think it and now, say it out loud! However, I do apologise and take it back as I do understand the benefits of publishing your thoughts out into the online world.  Also, look who’s “too cool to have a real” hobby, and has a lot to say about all sorts of shit. Yours truly  :).

What you’re about to embark on is a journey with me and my thoughts, life and current passions.  I’ll tell you about my life’s journey so far with some of the weird/ crazy/ wonderful events that have helped to shape me.

Allow me to begin with a little background story of the start to my journey:

I moved to London, UK from Canada in January 2008 when my then boyfriend and I decided to live abroad for a couple years.  I should’ve known back then I was meant to live a life of adventure when I broke up with him on the plane journey over.  It happened somewhere over the Atlantic ocean between Chicago O’Hare and London Heathrow over a few glasses of free wine you get on international flights.  Of course I had my fears, and was very scared about the decision I’d made.  But I had my (liquid) courage, and I did it then and there.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, I’m a fucking drama queen. Maybe you’re right, I hold my hands up and I’m aware of my bullshit.  However the same “drama” I seek and attract is the same energy which allows me to experience life as I have, and come out with stories to tell.

Why did I move to London? Well, it was adventure that drew me in, after it was education, then love had me holding on.  Fast forward nearly 9 years, and I’ve got 2 degrees under my belt, couple different jobs and even more broken hearts.  However I’m still alive and kicking in the big smoke and now its life keeping me here.

The memories I’ve made along the way are more valuable to me than any precious stone or metal on earth.  You can’t buy these kinds of experiences.  That being said, I’m not going to bore you with the same old cliché crap that many expat bloggers write about, such as “A guide to surviving London”, or “10 things you must experience in London”, or any other guide to food and drink.  I’m also not intending to make any political statement or give an opinion about the state of the economy after Brexit. I’m writing about my life, the lessons I’ve learned, and people I’ve met along the way. I take on an ethnographic approach and I hope to inspire others to also live a life of passion with no regrets. Hopefully by sharing my stories, it will create a forum for you to share yours, thus creating a place where we can have open conversations about life and all the weird shit that happens along the way.  After all sharing is caring, as they say.

I wear tasseled black leather year round and whiskey is my tipple of choice. I’ve recently moved to a neighbourhood full of creatives like me.  I say and think inappropriate things, I tell cheesy jokes and swear a lot. So I think I’m pretty Badass and totally fit the bill as a trendy blogger  😉 – but in a Cowardly Lion from OZ kind of way. Anyway, I’ll let you decide.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more weird and wonderful stories.


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